Tree Services in Westmoreland County, PA
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Happy to Serve the Westmoreland County Community and Our Customers

Tree Monkeys Tree Service proudly offers tree services in Westmoreland County, PA. Our services include emergency services, pruning, and trimming. We also clean up after storms and do tree topping. Whether we take a job in Murrysville, Irwin, or Mount Pleasant, we are eager to serve. Call our fully insured tree experts at (724) 465-4083 to schedule a free estimate, or contact us online.

Plethora of Reasons for Tree Removal in Irwin and Neighboring Towns

When hiring Tree Monkeys Tree Services to remove trees in Irwin and neighboring communities, there are some factors to consider. Are the trees down because of storm damage? Providing storm cleanup is one of our specialties. If not because of a storm, our arborists can help by determining the tree’s length, width, branch layout, and age. They do this by examining the trees before removal. Examining the tree also helps our professionals to decide the best tools to use. The process also helps them estimate how long removing the tree, or trees, will take. Call us at (724) 465-4083 for whatever tree removal reason you have.

24/7 Emergency Services Available for Murrysville, Mount Pleasant, Etc.

Tree Monkeys Tree Service responds to emergencies in Westmoreland County immediately and professionally. Trees are damaged every year by the effects of wind, ice, snow and lightning. We provide efficient tree structure evaluations and promise a fast response time in Murrysville, Mount Pleasant, and other towns. Emergency tree-related situations often result from strong storms, winds, and ice. For immediate assistance, contact the emergency line 24 hours per day at (724) 465-4083.

Types of Pruning and Trimming for All Trees in Westmoreland County

At Tree Monkeys Tree Service, we provide various trimming and pruning options for trees in Westmoreland County, PA. Crowning, or dead pruning and trimming, focuses on branches that are dead, diseased, or dying. This type of trimming and pruning is the most basic. Crown thinning involves trimming and pruning weak branches. This type of trimming and pruning opens up the tree canopy. Crown lifting trims and prunes the lower branches of the tree crown. This type of pruning and trimming lessens the number of larger limbs, often to clear walkways and roads. Contact our arborists to determine the best tree trimming or pruning option for your property.

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