Tree Removal and Trimming in Armstrong County

Able and Willing to Serve the Communities of Armstrong County, PA

Tree Monkeys Tree Service proudly provides tree removal and trimming in Armstrong County, PA, and the surrounding areas. The variety of services we provide include tree pruning and emergency services. Our arborists also offer problem takedowns and crown reduction. Whether in Ford City, Atwood, or Kittanning, Tree Monkeys Tree Service offers our services all over the county. Trust our fully insured tree experts and give us a call at (724) 465-4083 for a free estimate or contact us online.

Professional and Attentive Tree Removal in Atwood, Ford City, and Beyond

When Tree Monkeys Tree Service provides tree removal in Armstrong County, we respect our customers’ property. We professionally treat trees, shrubs, and everything in Atwood, Ford City, and beyond, with care. In all that we do, we pay strict attention to detail. We prioritize safety in every job, whether residential or commercial. The equipment we use is quality, such as our bucket truck. Call us for your tree removal services in Armstrong County.

How Tree Monkeys Trims and Prunes Trees in Armstrong County

There are a variety of methods by which Tree Monkeys Tree Service trims and prunes trees. Crown reduction involves diminishing the mass of larger branches on younger trees. Reducing the crown results in trimming and pruning the overall height of the tree. Pollarding is trimming or pruning the entirety of a young tree’s branches. The result ends up with a pattern of auxiliary branches in the main stem. Contact us to schedule tree trimming or pruning in Armstrong County.

Tree Monkeys Tree Service Offers 24-Hour Emergency Services Everyday

When Tree Monkeys Tree Service responds to emergencies in Armstrong County, it is immediate and conducted professionally. Our response time is fast and our tree structure evaluation is efficient. Often, after-effects of winds, ice, and other storms damage trees, resulting in emergency situations. Besides being unsightly, badly impaired trees have the potential to damage buildings and risk human lives. Tree Monkeys Tree Service assists in performing emergency jobs safely while reducing the risk further of damage. Call the emergency line 24-hours per day at (724) 465-4083

Contact Tree Monkeys Tree Service for tree removal and trimming in Armstrong County.