Tree Removal in Cambria County, PA
Tree Monkeys Tree Service

Proud to Serve Ebensburg, Johnstown, and All of Cambria County, PA

Tree Monkeys Tree Service provides tree removal in Cambria County, PA, alongside emergency services, and more. Our services include tree trimming, pruning, and removal, as well as stump grinding, wood chipping, and debris removal. There are many communities in Cambria County we serve. Whether the tree that needs trimming is in Johnstown, Ebensburg, or beyond, we are available to meet your needs. Call us at (724) 465-4083 to schedule a free estimate or contact us online. Trust our fully insured tree experts.

Call Us 24/7 for Emergency Tree Service and Storm Cleanup

When responding to emergencies in Cambria County, Tree Monkeys Tree Service does so immediately and professionally. Our services are thorough in any emergency or storm cleanup situation. We promise a fast response time and efficient tree structure evaluation. For residential and commercial services, contact the emergency line 24 hours per day at (724) 465-4083.

Basics of Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning: When, Where, and How

The staff at Tree Monkeys Tree Service knows when, where, and how to trim and prune trees in Cambria County. It is best not to prune in late summer or fall, as it promotes growth that will not survive in winter. We tend to prune back to or just above a growing point—branch or bud—or to the soil line. Proper trimming practice includes leaving the collar intact. The collar is the part of the tree where the roots join the main stem or trunk. When trimming all but the smallest branches, the first goal is to remove the weight of most of the branch. Then the final cut can be done in exactly the right place. Call (724) 465-4083 and our arborists can help determine the when, where, and how to trim and prune for you.

Things to Consider When Deciding to Remove Trees in Cambria County

Before hiring Tree Monkeys Tree Service for tree removal in Cambria County, there are some things to consider. Our arborists can examine the trees before removal. This process allows our professionals to decide the best tools to use and estimate how long the removal will take. We also need to determine the tree’s length, width, branch layout, and age. Removing dead or diseased trees is different from removing healthier trees. Healthier trees are well rooted; deep roots are hard to remove. Young tree removal differs from removing older ones. Contact us online or by phone for more information about tree removal services in Cambria County.

Contact Tree Monkeys Tree Service for emergency services, tree trimming, pruning, and tree removal in Cambria County, PA.