Tree Trimming: Hazard Reduction and Maintenance
Tree Monkeys Tree Service in Indiana, PA

Tree Trimming Reduces Unsafe Occurrences on Properties in Indiana, PA

Tree trimming can be utilized for many reasons in Indiana, PA, and surrounding counties, with Tree Monkeys Tree Service. Trimming provides hazard reduction and is also good for maintenance. Hazard reduction includes getting rid of branches that might compromise the structural integrity of the tree. Maintenance can make your tree more aesthetically pleasing. Call us at (724) 465-4083 or contact us online to schedule your next tree service and free estimate.Our fully insured arborists are available to do jobs as requested, or even after a storm cleanup. For emergency services, call us 24/7. We provide services to Indiana, Cambria, Westmoreland, and Armstrong counties.

Trimming Trees Helps Them to Stay and to Grow into Healthy Plants

Trees need proper maintenance to grow into healthy plants. Trimming improves a tree’s health and strength. If a tree loses its shape, it can weaken and not have the strength to support itself in its entirety. For trees that produce fruit, trimming removes unhealthy branches. Removing unhealthy branches stimulates the tree’s fruit production.

Tree Trimming Helps Protect Properties from Wind Damage and More

Another important reason for tree trimming is to avoid possibly hazardous occurrences. Removing dead or unsafe limbs keeps homeowners and passersby safe during severe wind and storms. Having Tree Monkeys Tree Service trim branches that hang close to electrical lines is also recommended. Storm cleanup is just one of many services that we offer.

Keep Your Landscaping Looking Beautiful and Inviting in Indiana

Trees that look beautiful and nurtured make a homeowner’s yard inviting. Tree Monkeys Tree Service in Indiana, PA, trims away fast-growing limbs or branches to maintain the tree’s natural shape. Tree Monkeys Tree Service also professionally trims in ways that create the most optimal view for you. Want to know more about us? We are happy to tell you! Pruning branches and tree removal also contribute to aesthetics and prevent unsafe situations.

What Parts of the Tree Are Ideal for Trimming?

When trimming trees, make sure to never cut more than one-third of the branches at the same time. Trimming beyond that will likely cause complications that are hard to fix. Diseases can spread quickly if a tree is not trimmed properly.

It is crucial to pay attention to lower branches on the tree. Removing the lower branches helps raise the level of the crowns. Tree Monkeys Tree Service recommends keeping branches at least 12 to 18 inches apart around the trunk. Spacing them out that way creates room to grow. It will also expand as the tree ages. Furthermore, wide crotch angles for the trees are also recommended to make them easier to prune.

Trust Tree Monkeys Tree Service in Indiana, PA, for tree trimming.