24/7 Emergency Tree Services
Tree Monkeys Tree Service in Indiana, PA

Fast and Efficient Response to Tree-Related Emergencies in PA Counties

Tree Monkeys Tree Service offers fast and efficient 24/7 emergency tree services in several PA counties. We are available at all times by calling our emergency line, (724) 465-4083. When there is a snow or ice storm, high winds or even lightning, there usually are downed trees and limbs as a result. Tree Monkeys delivers on our promises. We are prepared to dispatch professionally trained crews throughout Indiana County, as well as Cambria, Westmoreland, or Armstrong counties.

Tree Monkeys Tree Service Acts Quickly To Provide Storm Cleanup

Trees are downed every year in Indiana County due to wind, ice, snow, and lightning. There is just no way to protect all trees from all types of storm damage. At Tree Monkeys Tree Service, we can assist in performing the job in a safe manner while reducing further risk of damage to your property. Our team of experts works quickly and efficiently to remove fallen trees or limbs. Immediate action is sometimes necessary to prevent further damage.

We follow the same set of steps in the emergency response process:

  • The call comes in or we respond to a message regarding our service.
  • We are hired for the emergency service.
  • No matter what time it is, a team is gathered to go to the scene.
  • After traveling to the scene, we assess the damage and formulate a plan to clean up the damage.
  • We communicate with any other emergency personnel if needed.
  • Work at the scene begins. We use all of our resources if needed, including the bucket truck and wood chipper.
  • While we are cleaning up, we are communicating with the customer about the progress of the cleanup.
  • When the work is done, we get the approval of the customer.
  • We gather up all tools and leave the scene as clean as possible.

Utmost Precaution Used in Post-Emergency and Storm Cleanup

When you call on us to respond to an emergency, you can be assured that Tree Monkeys Tree Service workers are qualified with all necessary experience. We will take the utmost precaution in clearing the property of downed trees and limbs. Our team will dispose of the wood with hard work and quality tools. Our customers are relieved and happy that they called us to do the job. Many times, our response to emergencies opens a door for future, non-emergency services. We also offer tree trimming, pruning, and removal, as well as land clearing. To find out all Tree Monkeys Tree Service has to offer, call us, or contact us online.

Call Tree Monkeys Tree Service in Indiana, PA, for 24/7 emergency tree services.