Tree Monkeys Tree Service Works All of Indiana County

The hard-working professionals of Tree Monkeys Tree Service, owned by Kathy Lingenfelter, know Indiana County very well, as many of our workers grew up in the area, live here and raise families here. We even sponsor a Little League team. When it is time to go to work, we have gone all over the county to do jobs. We have also gone out of the county when called upon. If you want the best tree work in the state, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Here Are Some of The Areas We Have Served:

  • Indiana
  • Blairsville
  • Homer City
  • Clymer
  • Armagh
  • Saltsburg
  • Commodore
  • Marion Center
  • Jefferson County
  • Cambria County
Tree Cutting
Tree Removal
Tree Cutting
Tree Removal

Word Has Spread Quickly About Our Top-Notch Work

Tree Monkey’s Tree Service’s reputation for quality work at affordable prices has spread since the business was started more than eight years ago. The Indiana Gazette has featured photos of our work over the years on the front page of the newspaper. Customers have let us know that they love our quality work, and they have told their neighbors, relatives and friends about us. We are accredited with Better Business Bureau and have a top rating on Angie’s List.

Arborists are highly dedicated and passionate

Our Arborists are educated in arboriculture, the art and science of planting, caring for and maintaining trees. At Tree Monkeys Tree Service, our arborists are dedicated and passionate professional tree care consultants who receive continuous education, instruction and certification in the latest arborist techniques and equipment. Rest assured that we can diagnose any tree problems.

Tree Monkey Tree Service

Customers Love Affordable Prices And Find Workmanship

Our customers not only love the work that we do and our quick response to a site and the short time it takes to do the job, but they also highly recommend Tree Monkeys Tree Service for our competitive pricing. We do not charge an arm and a leg like the other guys around here do because we want to hold on to you as a customer who will call us when it is time to take care of a tree.